But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Terrorism is in the limelight again,in the crucible,getting chastised for those precarious operations in the past,or rather for the flaws in the planning i would say,coz the meticulously planned operations are yet to be reproached..afteral your weakness is others' strength,and the flaws were their weakness..

Though it still took 6yrs to be done with the adjudication,i feel it's pretty quick when compared to the in-built latency of the Indian Judicial system,which is rather ratified by the '93 blast trial..and it was nothing but the 2003 Mumbai twin blast case i was referring to where all the 3 convicts are awarded a death penalty..Not that i believe they would all be executed,especially when Afsal Guru is still alive,in a country where human rights activists are more concerned of the lives of the fugitives and ruthless convicts than those of innocent citizens,especially when capital punishment is under crucifixion even when the safety of the laymen is not ensured..

I seriously don't understand why there's such a hue and cry about the validation of capital punishment..May be a human being has no right to plunge the right of a mate to live,but not when the person has proved himself detrimental to the mere existence of others..The reason why we have greater number of Indian terrorists,and barely any American peers identified,i feel,is this serious breach in delivering punishment..It is the fear of getting castigated that abstains people from committing a crime..And this,is why i feel Pak still remains the safe haven for most terrorists,for even the Pakis agree that it is quite difficult to incarcerate someone in Pak,even with ample evidence,thanks to the fragile law structure..

I'm reminded of Hashmi's and Shabana Azmi's charge on denial of an apartment on the basis of their religious identity..Not all the muslims are terrorists is what i acquiesce in too..but the disturbing fact is,every goddamn culprit in a terror strike reveals an Islam identity,and people like Hashmi,resorting to vituperative remarks on other communities,tarnish the guileless muslims living in harmony with others,thus disrupting the secular unity of the nation..

If those few jihadis and suicide bombers who claim tutelage of the entire muslim community,are responsible for the terror instigated,not all the muslims are to be held culpable..Sadly,those few manage to capture attention by looming themselves large,even when their lives are at stake..

Kasab still languishes in the prison,but since it is India,he can still hope of getting out for another Al-queda or LeT operation some day,with pro'ly some Indian President sympathizing on his plight.. May be those 3,of 2003 blast would also join him for the next operation..who knows..no possibility can be expunged in India!

PS:I give a heartfelt ovation to Japan,on this 64th Hiroshima day,for that is the only country that i feel has nudged itself into development than a vindictive retaliation after a hulking blow..

Khuda Hafiz


The M said...

First one to comment!

I know this could land me in jail but still I'm saying- Indian Constituition maybe the longest but it is as water-tight as sieve. Maybe, it is high time that we reconsider re-writing it.

And about the point concerning terrorist, I felt happy seeing the headlines today. I believe that we should opt for something like shoot-at-sight for terrorists. Why bother waiting for trails when we all know what they did! Its a shame that we had to wait for 6 years for awarding death penalty to 3 terrorists. Its a shame. People who cry for human rights doesn't seem to listen to the wailing of family of those innocent people killed in these attacks! To hell with them!

Sreeraj said...

There is scope for improvement, if there has not been already, when you observe that recent rials have been dispensed with at a rate that is unquestionably expeditious. I cannot agree more, when you say that the now ubiquitous busy bodies, who style themselves impartial advocates of human rights, provide sufficient reason why we cannot annul capital punishment. They themselves, ideally should be put in line for death by hanging![ Fellow Malayali Arundhati Roy is nice name to start with]
I must say the blog is doing a good job at presenting novel ideas and in making readers think.
Continue the good job.

sujata said...

Bloghopped from Aparna. I really think you have presented your case very succintly and well. The entire democratic system is way too tolerant in India, I think we need to pull our socks up and be more decisive about everything.

Akhil Menon said...

I don’t really construe the state of the mind you were in when you blogged this one. I hope you were frustrated. What I believe is that eye for an eye never really solves the problem. It’s not our prolonged judiciary proceedings that are encouraging the terrorists to plot new attacks. It’s our weak security system and fragile policing that’s proving disastrous. Unlike Pakistan we don't turn a blind eye to seeds of communal terrorism being sowed on our soil! That’s the difference we see in our social structures and not in our judicial implementation.

If human right activities are so particular and strong in this country that attributes to how much we value the human lives and how open minded we are. The current debate on capital punishment is mostly driven by the fact that we are still following the British system of 'Hanging’. Considering the brutality and barbarism involved in such a system we could shift to more humane alternatives like 'Gas Chamber', ‘lethal injection' etc . After all taking off the life of a culprit doesn't serve the purpose, especially when the terrorists are highly motivated and daring to kill themselves for their cause. In such cases death penalty wouldn't set an example. May be, this is why
most of the forward looking societies have abolished death penalty. Toning up our own
security systems and preventing any kind of a communal breach with in the country alone
can help.

Anyway, that was a nice and interesting piece blog to run through. Kudos!!

ZB said...

humm, terrorism if continued this way would come in the way of our progress and growth, those bloody Pakis dont realize that there are many more pressing issues in their own countries, when half of their population live under poverty, they are state sponsoring terrorism against India.

Unless countries stop endorsing or sponsoring terrorism, it WILL never stop.Coz it needs bigger infrastructure and big bucks. What a waste of human capacities. I too join you in an ovation for the Japanese.

BTW, i would need an oxford dictionary, your vocabularies are getting tougher by the day.Nice post :))

AnjuGandhi said...

with changing times our constitution also needs reshaping. death sentence may sound shocking to the family of the convict but does it help in creating fear in the minds of public at large or the law breakers who are on the thresh hold of committing crimes?
people will do tch tch for a day and two and then forget about the punishment.

HaRy!! said...

Hmm interesting write, Agreed that our Human Rights activists have been too lethargic in understanding all the punishment concept, At the end of the day we all blame our politicians for the crap constitution that they run! But how many of us realise that half the politicians are illiterate! None of the MP's and MLA's are literate. In order to bring about a revolution we need the youth to stand up against terrorism . Am not biasing any statement but would rather refrain myself from pointing fingers as better part of the youth never get into fields like politics, Human Rights , Law , Police and all other social based organisation and instead end up in some IT organisation. We all are victims as we fail to stand up. Yur write and all the people who have commented shows very brilliant ideas and despair, but none of us would voice this as a worker and rather a silent spectator.

Might have gone tooo overboard, and am not sure why all yur topics make me think and write sooo much.Sorry for that...really had to ponder myself in yur post :)

yes agreed with ZB need a dictionary whilst readin yur blog!! sooper write signora !

H a R y

Chriz said...

u shud tie a rakhi on kasab

AS said...


i simply ur blog background ! awsome choice :)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

true i love when you write like this, you show the side which is correct and that what is like the most

its the same everywhere for some its houses and for most of them its jobs,

nice work yaar,

take care and keep writing.......

Amrit said...

I feel the same way Gayathri. I agree with every single word here. Terrorism always ignites a feeling of anger and frustration in me. I simply dont understand how killing innocent people serve their justification of taking revenge.

I am so very happy that they got the death sentence. When I saw this terrorsit pic few days back with the victory sign and a smiling piece..it filled me with utter disgust. The only thing I dont want now that their lawyer challenging the verdict in the higher court. This will again delay the punishment and as you said..this is India..who knows the verdict might change.

The Kasab trial still bewilders me!

Gayathri said...

@Manish,happiness,well i didnt feel that coz this farce has been repeating over and over again..convicts would be identified imprisoned and sentenced,only to be released either by a plane hijacking or by a president's mercy!

@SRM,well,we have been clinging on this 'scope for improvement' ever since..it's been some 60 yrs since we became a republic and still the adjudication moves in snail's pace!
and thanks for the compliment :)

Gayathri said...

@Sujata,exactly..we need to be more stringent..
Thanks for dropping by :)

@Akhil,may be ours is not a fertile land for terrorism,but we dont use pesticides to uproot them..and weeds dont need manure or fertilizers..so only if we are hellbent in executing the law without dilution,will the convicts have any fear if at all..
and abt ways of hanging..thats not what i was talking about..and its not the way that matters,but the end result!

Gayathri said...

@ZB,well,its not just the pakis..there are a hell lot other countries,especially those puritanical ones that sponsor terrorism for ulterior motives,only to find them uncontrollably dangerous later..
regding ox-dic..thats too much of humility on ur part :P

@Anju,i certainly feel a lil more tough punishment would instigate some fear in the public minds..at least ppl wud think twice before committing something brazen..

Gayathri said...

@Hary,so u say we do nothing but criticizing,and instead spring into action??
it reminds me of a story,Bernard Shah,after watching a drama,criticized the heroine abt her poor act,for which she demanded him to act and demonstrate the whole scene rather than simple reproach..for which he said,"Ma'am,when i get a rotten egg,all i can do is to say the egg is rotten..not to lay and show u how a fresh one must be.."..Hope u get the analogy!

@Chriz,i asked,yet u didnt tell me what makes u feel that kasab can be a brother to me!

Gayathri said...

@AS,thanks :)

@Amrit,and i wonder how Indian lawyers even feel like defending those f****rs..

Gayathri said...

@Thousif,abt the 'for some its jobs,for some its houses' comment,i could see the reflection in ur last post :P