But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Elections is still in the air..With the 3rd phase of elections yet to come,and the campaigns officially wound up today,the hot discourses are at every nook and corner about who's gonna snatch the power center..

Power lobby is still obscure..but i feel the fidelity to one's own ideologies is not seen anywhere..It's been more or less like,what theory to oppose,and not about which to uphold..
The one believing in atheism finds it comfortable to pair up with a religious fanatic to oppose another of the kind..The one ostensibly upholding secularism,furtively or explicitly in many occasions,support the evangelists..The saffrons had at least proclaimed what they are upto..

Whats even more queer is the way they entice people..especially the regional ones..
The one striking a chord right now is the colourful offer of colour tv to all by none other than,TDP,the party with the leader,who i once considered legendary,for the kind of tech development he brought forth in hyd,Chandra Babu Naidu, lest it comes to power..huh,atrocious!

The scenes of people suffering with just one tube-well for about a 200 villages with people having to walk miles for a drop of water,with people having to look at the electric lines criss-crossing over them to the nearby areas with them left in the darkness,with the people still looking up to a glimmer of hope despite bearing viciously broken promises, were all some of the disturbing aspects revealing our inefficiency to bring justice to the society..

Another of those ploys had been Karunanidhi's brazen abettal to Prabhakaran,the notorious LTTE leader..It would have been far better if he restricted himself to just the plea to help the tormented tamil citizens of lanka..instead,prabhakaran became his closest friend in the press meets..Relentlessly savoring his linguistic spirit,he's even started a hunger-strike for what i still don't understand..what can an external power,India,do in the internal affairs of lanka??

Karunanidhi is not the only one to blame though..'It would be bloodbath if something happens to Prabha.',Vaiko,who had earlier been convicted under POTA, intended to dodge a hero image it seems..

Mentioning about the support of our politicians to LTTE reminds me of the terror and guirrilla warfare instigated by the ULFA in Assam and the north-eastern frontiers..The mongolians are so much neglected and denied even the most basic of all the amienities..without a proper transportation,without due concern about the education in the area,with those peace keeping CRPF raping and molesting the helpless ladies in the area,they are tormented and haunted too.. But does that ratify the existence of ULFA? Did we really accolade their ventures of detonations and explosions last year to bring Assam into lime light last year??If it's the negligence faced by the tamil lankans thats sticking hard in our Adam's apple,what do we have to say about those faced by our own people??If we are not fit to ply our trade effortlessly,how on earth do we mind others'?

The lost faith in this system restrained me from exercising the franchise..i don't really regret,for i don't think there's anyone who's fit enough so that i would vote without remorse..As mentioned in a movie,every single occupation in the country has upgraded itself in due course,..with teaching requiring an M.Phill, a doctor requiring an MD or FRCS or whatever,with an engr requiring anything more than a B.Tech,the only occupation that remains cold to upgradation and retirement is politics,which must be the most important of all the jobs,that require real efforts to manage a nation flawlessly..Without a revolutionary change in the society as well as the perspective of the people,nothing is gonna be any better.. I know things are better said..i know i was just being another faggot who shirked the responsibility,..but i found no other go..

Khuda Hafiz

Monday, April 27, 2009

To all those who stop by to honor my blog..
I turned 21 today.. :)

PS:Howsoever i try,the date in the post still remains to be 27th april..but my bday is 28th :D..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Come what may..
An everlasting one..
And that..
Would bring you near to me..

PS:It wouldn't be a random co-incidence if you remembered Boyzone right now.. :D

Khuda Hafiz

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We met to part..
N we part never to meet again..
Did you push off to peace?
Or did u to push us into the never ending bedlam?
You cried to bring with you laughter..
And you laugh to take with you our tears..
Rest In Peace..

Khuda Hafiz

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chaos Theory!

The electoral race is in the full throttle..and yet another puppet show is in the offing.. Man decides his destiny,but it's been long since destiny slipped out of our grip..

Election '09 can be broadly termed a Manmohan vs Advani bout..
On retrospection,in spite of all the fuss about a foreign woman driven chaotic organization,the congress still managed to concoct the UPA and evade the harangue by appointing Dr.Manmohan Singh as the PM and retaining Sonia as the UPA chairperson.. Despite having a clear and powerful 'desi' leadership,'India shines' enticement opera,and the candid Hindutva ideology,NDA made a very poor performance in 2004.. And to everyone's surprise, the Leftist groups shone with a considerably larger no: of seats,still denying the offer for power sharing with UPA..

In five years,there were hurricanes and storms around the country..there were those terror attacks,high inflation,economic crisis,recession,and a lot more which filled the priority among all the snags for every layman.. And performance of the new leader,Dr.Manmohan had been under scrutiny ever since..

Presently,the question that rings in every voter's mind is whether to go for the efficient manager in Manmohan or the flamboyant leader in Advani..
A manager follows,obeys,and runs a system efficiently..He runs a mandate rather than ruling an empire.. But a leader woos people to follow him and trust him..he doesnt remain an orderly but orders..

Every time Manmohan turns over his shoulders to speak in public,he just impresses further that he's just being an obedient servant,obviously to some master who is not 'the people'..And what is needed of a leader is definitely oration and not soft skills..
Winston Churchill is still regarded a great leader not coz he was efficient,knowledgeable or a scholar,but of his dexterous bombast with which he just forced people to throng to and die for him!Every single leader that we cherish,Gandhi,Roosevelt,Lincoln,Vivekananda,glistened not with the academic brilliance or managerial abilities but with the powerful magical words!And i'm sorry to say my dear Manmohan ji,you simply suck in being 'the' man that India needs right now!What we need is not a technocrat who's rational but the pacesetter who empathizes with his followers.."I'm a politician by accident!"-Manmohanji,accidents are seldom pleasent..with this accident,we lost an efficient beurocrat to an inefficient politician!
I'm not sure how it will be if he were the PM,but Chidambaram is a hopeful choice in the lot..

So is that Advani who we ought to choose?I swear i didn't mean that!I definitely don't acquiesce of the fanatic frantic hindutva..But without doubt,he is a leader..If he's fit enough to lead in the 'right' direction is still a question coz therez still no guarantee that a 1992 wouldn't play again..But i don't consider him any worse to the criminals like Shibu Soren who managed to govern despite the case still in the court bench..
But for he is an effing bigot,Narendra Modi is an excellent leader in my opinion..the kind of industrial progress that Gujarat gained in the past few years is just beyond compare and glints from the Nano Project!

Not that we just have a Manmohan or an Advani..it seems we have another slot to fill in the impending days..the third front seems to be busy settling down at a single leader,the name often heard being Mayawaty who i personally dislike,or rather loathe for her stupidity,inefficiency and pomposity!"Nobody can stop me from being the PM"-dates back to a sem or so,..but how arrogant!One day we hear some regional party decides to leave the main stream and join the new alliance,the next day there's a contrast standoff!Even the alliance has not been fully framed..They join hands for nothing but the disadvantage of the common man!
May be Jayalalitha would make a good choice if she were to join the group..she might be corrupt and all,but the kind of efforts she made to bring Tamilnadu to the zenith demands real appraisal..

India is amid the bedlam in Pak,Afghan,Bangladesh,Lanka,..To flare them up,there's this border issues,terror clouts,unabating economic crisis,and a lot more..What we need right now is a stable central government to tackle any contingency and not a cooked up coalition!

The system is currently disordered..
Now just about a month left to figure out the underlying order in the apparently random data..

Khuda Hafiz

Friday, April 3, 2009


The long awaited/anticipated end days of college life is finally at the doorstep.. Am i happy about it? I'm not quite sure..but definitely not glum.. I never loved my college..alright,there was a lull of attachment,but not a long-lasting one..just a deceiving impulse.. This was not where i wanted myself to end up in..but,i acquiesce Newton's laws, 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction'.. After all Shakespeare was not all wrong when he told,"Men at sometimes are the masters of their fate".. Hence i claim the culpability of my destiny..

There are some but for whom i wouldn't have got through the hell effortlessly.. I would never have remained cheerful but for them..

Shini,my soul mate..the one who understands me with my nuances and silence..who listens my every rantings..Therez been more than a kinship with her which is adored even by her hubby(don't be surprised,she's married! :D).. love her loads.. :)

Sanam,.there's no shini and g3 without sanam..the trio in the class.. Not that i love her any less than shini,but sanam's is a diff relationship..not one of understanding and supporting..but of a companionship..not one of silence and understanding..but of shouts and laughters... ;)

Rameez,.my best friend ever..but for this guy,no one else accepts me the way i am..without prejudices or judgments..the one who's always supported me as best as he can..not that we never fought..but either of us was always ready to give up and reconcile..not that we never had misunderstandings,but just as the word says,it always ended in a better understanding.. :)

Akhil,.my younger bro(or as he says,by 3 days! :D)..not that we had been friends all the 4yrs..but a year..but best of all the relations are not sour grapes that take long to become sweet wine..the Illuminati,who keeps enlightening me in troubles..every time i run into mire,he's been there to pull me out of it.. :D

Jishin,.someone,who has not been the usual friend who helps,supports or anything of the sort..not the one who shares hang-outs with you..but the kind of sisterly affection i have from her is just too warm..the one who keeps me motivating saying i still have loads of my potential rusting(how lame!!)..the one who always comes up with tensions for me to give solace.. ;)

Pratap,.my first ever friend in the college..been quite a very very good friend since the very beginning.."friendship at first talk" or something of the like..he's the one with whom i fight at least once every year,keep out of contact for say 1 month or so just for a kick-ass high-five and cheers after that..

"___",.(name left obscure due to security reasons :D)..once my closest friend..sometimes more than a mere friend,a teacher,a brother,a guardian..who later sabotaged my friendship just coz his gf doubted our relation and issued a memorandum to end the relation,despite the 7 inch height diff bet us,me being taller.. :D..the most traumatic incident in my experiences with friends..

But for these people,my life would never have been this wonderful.. But for them i would still have been the old recluse who hated every monday for the same reason as tom sawyer..

Love you guys a lot... :)

Khuda Hafiz

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Final Sem..

Final sem has been one heck of a torture,i should say..don't just misunderstand me..it's just the academic shits i'm talking about..

With all those mundane subjects and the trashy lectures in the hell-hole of my final year classroom which is worse than a blast furnace even during non-summer days,every single day has become tormenting.. Even the thought of staying in the class effs..

Not that we never had any prosaic papers before..
Chemi in the first year,SSD in S3,Instrumentation in S5,Power Electronics and CS in S6,CCN in S7..(was that all ;),i thought there were more :D) were all frigging bore.. But never did we have a sem that had not even a single exciting paper as maths or mechanics or information theory or signal processing.. All the five of them competing with each other to prove the biggest junkie theoretical one..

With MET topping the list,others are no less behind.. Stuffs about etching and masking and developing and bull shits... chemi formulae and quantity specifications.. uh-huh.. to add to the pain,my ma'am is so well talented that she doesn't really synchronize with the imbeciles staring at her..she just keeps on stuffing the info so hard and we duffers keep resisting them,not deliberately though.. :D
CSS is no less a humdrum one..switching circuits are not that bad,i agree..but it becomes one when taught by someone who just keeps ornating the circuits on the board and spell out some bunkum stuffs over n over again..
WMC,DSPC and TV may not be that enthralling,but not that bogus as the ther two.. In fact it's highly hilarious to be in TV hour enjoying ma'am's lectures with her great malappuram accent of 'bechu','baranu','bannitt'..more than that,she doesn't produce the 'k' sound and color television becomes 'tolour television' and echo signal becomes 'etho signal'..

The classroom has been worse than hell..i wonder if MTV roadies would shift their location to our class for their hell-down under.. Every single day ends up in one or two bunking hours.. Attendance at an all time low.. After so much of pain-staking efforts to raise my attendance,i worked ardently not to bunk last week and crossed the threshold of 80%..

The last month of my b.tech saga.. Although the thought of a blunt end without any cheers or high-fives is poignant,the thought of getting out of this classroom keeps me praying for April to end soon.. :D

Khuda Hafiz

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's the stark differences and the beautiful compatibility to each other that makes love wonderful..
Love is so very mundane when you pair with a similar person as you..
It becomes exciting when both are at odds and yet couple so interestingly as in a ball and socket joint..
Unlike poles always attract.. :)

Khuda Hafiz