But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Friday, July 24, 2009


It was utter blanch and disbelief apart from rage n fury,that was meted out to Ajmal kasab's brazen revelations and plea for guilty of charges on the 26/11.. What's the big deal about him revealing all those now, is something which i don't understand..He has been long accepted a convict with the adduced evidence more than enough for a layman,if not the court..Of course,the court has its own procedures,which i feel is shitty in this case becoz it's been about 8months since the catastrophe and the lone surviving culprit still enjoys the whiff of air..Indians,for sure,need to be proud of our tolerance and meticulousness in delivering justice to every human being.. But since it is 'Abalanam Balam Kshama', i fear if we are considered 'powerless' owing to its converse..

The fear is ratified when the racial attacks on Indians in Aus is taken into account,and is reinforced when the frisking of our ex-president at Delhi airport is pondered..I'm definitely of the opinion that every individual must be treated equally when human lives are at stake,and no VIP must be exempted from a security check..But the double standards of the western system deserves more than mere reproach..If they exempt Mr.Bush from a security check,then frisking of Kalam is nothing less than breach of diplomatic ties which needs to be dealt with strongly..But what was even more shameful was the reaction of some of our politicians,Yechuri's,if i need to quote one,who asked the govt to clarify if the frisking had something to do with his muslim identity!He must at least have given the past episodes a thought when George Fernandas and Somnath Chattergee had to undergo similar procedures..India is a secular nation and religious sentiments is one of the most fragile ones..When we are grappling with a state of affairs when many of the Indian muslims are replete with the feeling of insecurity in their homeland,such remarks would prove detrimental..People with public profile should at least be cautious of what they speak,if not act..

Speaking of detrimental and shameful speeches reminds me of Rita Bahuguna-Mayawati catfights..it was really stigmatic of these so called 'representatives of people' trying to gain mileage with filthy toungue on a rape victim's chagrin..And what was even more obnoxious is the aftermath when the congress almost extended full support to Ms.Bahuguna,and BSP allegedly reacted violently with an arson attack towards Ms.Bahuguna's residence..

Equally obtrusive is Mr.S.M.Krishna's statement on 'bargaining with the sovereignity of the state' ,in the context of the ENR trade with the US,which invited diatribes from every nook n corner..There has to be a minimum dignity of speech that must be maintained,especially when pertaining to matters of The State..

Speaking of dignity,i'm forced to mention Ms.Karat's remarks on the language of the CBI charge sheet against the accused,in the Sister Abahaya murder case,which has been an unsolved mystery for about 1.5 decades..She warns the CBI to mind the words,and maintain the minimum respect for a woman whosoever it be..I don't understand what kind of a 'respect' a woman,who was dangerously audacious to murder a nun, deserves..If it's the 'feminism' thats playing the tone of outrage,there are a plethora of more important matters to look into..

'..Who would have thought that there are people who think it is a sports body whose job is to organize the Commonwealth Games every few years! Or that it is headed by US President Barrack Obama(oh,the poor queen)!..
..Ignorance apparently runs deep with many Indians being under the impression that it is some sort of a UN outfit whose boss is Kofi Annan!'
Courtesy:The Hindu,24/07/09
I couldn't laugh more.. !!

PPS:50th Post!

Khuda Hafiz

Monday, July 20, 2009


"Chettaa,Be careful ok..eat properly ok..!!"
My ears had been honed to this monologue,every single day,by a lady,in a very seductive tone..So very seductive that the love and care literally overflows.. :P

To all those who aren't accustomed to,'chetta' is a word,used to address the husband, by his spouse,reflecting her reverence and love for him.. These days,not many do that though,which can be ratified by dhanya's post on the aftermath of her best cousin's marriage,in which the bride says,"Eat one more chappathi,daa"!!I was shell-shocked when i heard sanu,of all the people,calling her husband,who was 8yrs elder to her, a 'da'..Sanu in particular coz she was the one,the abider of male chauvinism if i were to opine,who used to advice me to restrain from expecting too much in a groom,to nod a yes to whichever tom dick n harry likes me..that was an exaggeration,but still,in her opinion,the girls have only a subtle say in the relationship,which is where i disagree vehemently..

To come back to the aforesaid 'mono'logue..it had been echoing in my ears these days so strongly that i've quite reached the apex of vexation.. Not that there's something at all wrong with that..but,when spoken by a lady,who toils hard the whole day to bring up her family,to a man,who is a 'velavatti' or 'dandasoru' in tamil,i.e the one who does nothing better than eat sleep n shit at the lady's expenses,is something really irritating to a person like me,who i don't think is very outlandish,who thinks respect is not for the post of 'husband'cy, but his intellect,or his care n protection which he exhibits in either kind or cash earned..The annoyance wouldn't have been this aggravated if he were just another of those harmless boneless bisexual husbands who chose to be jobless..But our hero is not the one,who is to be categorized into the like..He is The Man..who yearns and aches to have his royal testosterone looked upon with veneration,which in his idea,can be achieved only by bellowing! And to my surprise,she never retaliates to his pointless hollers..

I was even more surprised when i learnt that theirs was a love marriage,a rebellious one,which has not been acceptable to the Hero's family even after 25yrs of marriage..She's beautiful even at this age,which makes me awe at the thought of how she would have been 25yrs ago..And he's even shorter than her by 4-5cm,dark,and a not-very-handsome guy,if you find hideous an effusive term.. Everytime i see them together,i feel like comparing them to a powercut-generator duo by all means..
Another of those epitomes of blind love..

I wonder how he spends the whole day,eating his ass off and farting off every single bit of it..I've known of men who spend all those hard earned bucks for booze,.I've known of men who even abandon the family irresponsibly..But this had been a totally new experience..

PS:The family had been living for rent in our outhouse for the past 6yrs..With both of them highly educated with a 10th std 'degree',she works as a home-maid, which i request the readers not to read at par with a 'servant'..

Khuda Hafiz

Friday, July 17, 2009


I grew up in her music..
Hailing the DKP-DKJ duo..
Admiring the MLV-MSS-DKP women trinity..
Listening to her mellifluous songs..
She created history,being the first woman,who otherwise were forbade from giving a public concert..
She melted away the hurdles of being a Brahmin,who was not supposed to be trained in a gurukula..
She proved herself invincible in ragam-thanam-pallavi which was earlier men's forte,if not their bastion..
The prodigy in her,who was blessed profoundly by Him was too overwhelming to be suppressed..
The elegance in her delivery along with the unique timbre,and clear diction,surged her way into an irreplaceably prominent role in the world of Carnatic Music..It was owing to that singularity that Pkd Mani Iyer,who outrightly rejected accompanying a female on stage,was ready to play for her..
She bids adieu as a trailblazer,with her descendants taking up her path..
At this moment,i pay my tribute to the great soul..
May her soul Rest In Peace..

Khuda Hafiz

Thursday, July 16, 2009


You spoke a lot on me,based on my horoscope.How do you scientifically ratify all those statements and revelations?May be all you told were true in my case.But how does that happen?There is no experimental proof nor do we know the reason why a person born on a particular day behave in a peculiar way,which cannot be quite quintessential?

Astrology is a science.Do you ask for a scientific reasoning for a science?What's the scientific ratification for the laws in physics?They are simply the laws,the unquestionably established ones.

There are two kinds of sciences-tangible and intangible ones.

Physics is tangible.When you demonstrate Newton's laws,you can 'see' what is really happening.

In chemistry,you have physical as well as chemical studies.You learn about the various physical interactions between electrons and protons,using an electron-microscope.But we perceive the reaction between O2 and H2 to 'create' water.Water is tangible or visible.But the presence of O2 and H2 is 'felt'.

So is astrology.It's linked closely to astronomy which deals with the visibility of stars and planetary motion.Astrology deals with the ramifications of the particular position of the celestial bodies during one's birth.It's to be felt,just like you feel God.You don't see Him,but feel.
When you first start believing in The Providence,you feel His divine power.

In Gita,there's this classification on people as,Satwika,Rajassi,and Thamassi,based on the way of living.The excellently pious,honest and sincere Satwika,the not-so-good but not-bad Rajassi and the incorrigibly bad Thamassi.In every person there's this goodness and evilness residing,in either of those patent or latent stage,based on which you tag the man to be good or bad.How do you decide whether a man is good?From his words,from the behaviour,and the actions.You percieve that.Not necessarily see.So believe that there's this intangible goodness and evil on the earth.Without the evil,the integrity loses prominence.Accept that there are stuffs beyond our understanding.

Astrology requires that divine blessing.Not everyone can be a good astrologer.You need good intuitive power.Sometimes you feel your intuition serves right.But once you realize that it's the presence of the divinity inside you which gives you that far sight,your ego and pride sheds away and give way to a better understanding of the intricately weaved complexities of nature.

First start believing strongly in God,then have faith in the science abidingly.Attune yourself to it.If you ask me who's the master of Astro,its none but Him,who blessed the eminent seers,the sages,with the deep knowledge or gyana.

So what's this horoscope match about?I find people increasingly showing their backs to horoscopy these days.So whats the upper hand in the discourse on whether marriage is made on earth or in heaven?

Every horoscope is based on the motion of Sun and Jupiter.And written according to ganitha-shastram or vakya-shastram.. So an astrologer,first decides if a horoscope is valid or not, based on some yardsticks.Every horoscope has a rashi,or say a house.And how we arrive at a match is based on the compatibility between the houses and house owners,i.e rashi porutham and rashi adhipa-porutham.. We might even consult more than one astrologer dubious on the credentials resulting in contradictory verdicts leaving you baffled. When you bend the judgements for your favour with a compromising match,life becomes disastrous. Astro still holds good,it's the manipulations and misinterpretations that led you wrong.

PS:The interlocutor is a very reverential person,with immense knowledge on anything n everything ranging from music and astro to management and science,who happened to be the relative of this poor ignorant soul.I couldn't articulate stuffs half as good as he told,though i settled with an abstract.

PPS:The post has a lot of garbage,to fill the space,according to a friend..i would request the honorable souls reading the post to activate their filters :)

Khuda Hafiz

Friday, July 10, 2009


Long since i was born,i had been hearing a you-are-a-hopeless-decadent-piece-of-shit-not-worthy-of-being-an-iyer rants from my grandpa..Ok now,don't get me wrong..me and grandpa had been the best pals in my childhood,thanks to the endless hours of cards and carroms..But that doesn't exempt me from earning his disapproval..if u've been digging into my previous posts,it wouldn't be much difficult for you to conclude that i'm a sleepyhead myself..a nocturnal one i am..but i love sleeping when everyone's awake,and stay awake when everyone springs into slumber..zzz..and that's been the earliest of all the reasons to gain a hopeless image..
I wake up late,point no:1!..
And when i wake up late,i will still be sleepy,that i would bathe late,point no: 2!..
And when i don't bathe early,i wouldn't pray on time,point no:3!..
And on and on goes the intricacies of an intertwined vicious network..Alrite,not nasty..still,at one point of time,when i wasn't accustomed to dictionary i.e. when i was a kid,i had even asked a teacher at school if the word 'hopeless' meant something good,like,pretty/intelligent/sweet or something of the like..

So goes my plights of enduring the tag of an iyer..i enjoy that tag though..quite proud if u ask me..proud to be a veggie in particular..Now you may ask me what's there to be so proud of..but that feeling can't be quite articulated..the kind of feeling of self respect you have when you find amid a horde of drunk pals,you,totally sober..Self-respect!omg..am i the one speaking!! :O..

So what's it like to be an iyer..there are quite some quintessence you find in every iyer home..
And if you happen to be in kerala,especially if you are somehow linked to palakkad,it would definitely not be a tamil that your tongue would be,but a talayalam=talli+mallu..For a real time experience,'Nala damayanthi' or 'Micheal-madan-kamaraj' is prescribed..

#At any function that you attend,the guy you bump into,would somehow turn out to be your aunt's father-in-law's nephew's grandson or the like..everyone would seem related..which i guess is the reason why there's a lot of out-of-caste marriages in the community,.afteral,marriage inside the family is not very appreciable you see..

#Everytime you meet another Iyer/iyengar of the opposite sex, most pro'ly parents would be busy thinking, "what a cultured boy/girl...marriage potential?"!

#Learning carnatic music or bharatnatyam,being one of the mandatory stuffs!!yours truly has been 'trained' in classical music until she was eligible to vote..

#Mathssss and sanskrit were the only subjects whose marks my grandpa was interested in..as a result of which my sanskrit sir used to mock me a walking dictionary..

#Fridays..gaya3333,go and bath di..you have thengayennai(cocunut oil) and manjal(turmeric) in the bathroom..glorious day to get me dressed up in a litre of oil and paint myself yellow..

#♫kousalya supraja rama♫..=>>5.30am,.and dad nodding and humming an aaha...

#Thair sadam and oorga(curd rice and pickle)..to all those who is yet to have a taste of that scrumptious food,you are missing something ambrosial..

There are a lot more which i would obviously find it hard to put it in english,like the 'etcchal pannathae' dialogue you hear when you eat..

Sarcastic and all i sound..But,brahmin brains are regarded highly efficient world over..(and i'm still wondering which part of my brain went adultered!!)

Khuda Hafiz

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I'd been into this terrible state of voidness lately,when i'm least bothered about what's happening around or how people are..
But somehow i was nudged from my reclusive comfort by this incident..
There was this guy,an orthologist..Who lived in my vicinity..Who i never met..Who i never knew..Not until he died..or rather,until he decided to end his life..
I was shocked..so were many who stayed around..
It'd been a week since the incident,but i still find me lost in his thoughts..
If education was about bringing up a horde of socially and morally responsible individuals,has it been successful in its mission?
Suicide is a criminal offence in itself..
Moreover,the guy had a family,the wife n kids who depended on him..How could he have been so fragile and flippant as to abandon them..
May be i have not much experiences in life as to see how difficult life on earth is.. but is that this difficult as to end it abruptly without being least conscious of its ramifications or effects on others life?
I was frustrated..rather highly petulant..I'd always thought people of respectable social status would never do something this stupid..Pro'ly it took him a hell lot of courage to do something this grave..Still,couldn't he have fought that moment of hopelessness and stayed his family's bastion..

Khuda Hafiz