But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


'Plants are lucky no,that they dont die of a swine flu!!',says my 10yr old cousin,.i was quite amused coz i wasnt this aware of global affairs or pandemics when i was of his age..added to which i hadn't perceived the seriousness quite as well the boy did..

So that was my first day in mumbai,after my foray into lone travels..Not that it's a big deal to travel alone but when the whole world is swirling in the pandemic every loved one of mine was in the jitters asking me to be careful..msgs and calls were overflowing barring me from mingling with strangers..

So there was this kid,who ate every chunk of the newpaper devouring every complicated word with the help of a dictionary and making himself aware of global affairs..I was impressed for both me and my bro held arch-rivalry towards newpapers and books in the childhood..even when i was forced to read the newspaper by my grandpa aloud,i did that just for the heck of it..there was a time when i believed BJP was comprised of arabs and sheikhs.. there was even a time when i thought USA had a primeminister with a 5yr in the office..

But if at all there was a side-effect of being aware of everything,it was totally tangible here..coz knowledgeable and all the guy was,about the capitals,biggest countries and airports and waterfalls,about the types of govts in diff parts of the world,about sports..but just as the virtuous news made a positive impact so did the negative ones..

The kid doesnt stay alone in a room,coz he's afraid accomplices of Kasab might dash into the room with AK47..
He doesn't feed on raw vegetables coz he fears the tapeworm reaching the brain n rendering it inactive..
He doesn't receive balance 500rs notes from a shopkeeper coz there are chances of the note being fake..
And a lot more..

PS:I have no peace of mind to come up with something good,if at all i did earlier..felt i had to feed the blog..so please bear with this crap..

PPS:The hero is blogging now(i was the inspirer it seems :D)..I would request all the jobless people to stop by his..http://myworld-vignesh.blogspot.com/

Khuda Hafiz


Akhil said...

adorable !! And didn't some one ask u to scrap your 'PS' usage ?? still hooked to it huh !!? Anyway i loved it ..
PS : i got to say this, ur cousin bro is a psycho :P :(

The M said...

And He said, "Ur greatest problem will move to Mumbai for a few days and peace shall prevail in Kerala on the blogosphere!"

Damn, he was wrong!!!!

ramya said...

My oh my! The boy will defeat me in current affairs knowledge! I have my dad yelling at me to start reading newspaper...according to him, I am of age to start knowing the things in the world by now! :-O. I hate growing up!
Kudos to your cousin who UNDERSTANDS all the news. I don't :-(

ZB said...

lol @ Ramya....you in Mumbai....god save the place. :))

But Mumbai is THE greatest city on earth. Enjoy.;/

Aparna said...

Yesterday I saw some kids playing football wearing masks here. Crazy.
Most kids these days are pretty aware. When I see them talking, I feel I was so dumb at their age. The world is changing.
Welcome to mumbai.

HaRy!! said...

and to think of it we assume Kids to be totally out of the GK world...the thing is they might not read the newspaper or watch the news, but they indeed have very keen listening capability and listen everything around them:) cya...havnt seen yu in ma blog for a couple of days? quite busy eh!

sujata said...

is your cousin for real? Godd i was too dumb at that age, not that I am not dumb now..but its good to be aware actually.

Amrit said...

Who says this is crap! Sometimes you write sense :)
Okay...just kidding. You actually write sense all the time. :)

BTW..there is food left to feed your blog...two tags pending now :)

Durga Nandan said...

Nerds. :P
Losing childhood so soon.. :)
Hey, thinking of the future generations makes me frightened.. *shudder*!!

aleem azmi said...

marvellous beuatful ....any way i loved it ..keep it up ...

Dhanya said...

Oh my God! A kid getting frightened coz he's too informed? This surely is a first!!


Sandy said...

Like it or not, the connectivity is here to stay. Your brother will soon grow out of his paranoia and become one of the better informed kids of his generation. This might have negative impact on his prospects with the fairer sex, but hey, one cannot have the cake and eat it too.
I am checking out his blog and liking it.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

well it was intentionally funny, i liked it, kids nowadays what can you say??, its like they are born with a xtra brain ;)

good to hear that you are all well and good, you are aren't you??? ;), keep me posted on that

well have fun there ok

take care and keep writing.......

Gayathri said...

@Akhil,adorable u say?his fears irritate me!!!

@Manish,wtf!!endu koppada ithu?

Gayathri said...


@ZB,mumbai is the greatest,no doubt..but dad says,'no exploration when swine flu rankles'!!im friggin frustrated!i travelled 1200 km to sit at home at mumbai it seems :(

Gayathri said...

@Aparna,yeah kids are more aware and more keen..and sometimes,frankly,i find it a bit annoying too..to find a kid without innocence is irritating :D..and thanks :)

@Hary,in my words,they eavesdrop pretty well,and have that sharp memory..eh,i feel ashamed at times to talk to this kid :D

Gayathri said...

@sujata,it's good to be aware..but then,this kid keeps asking me questions,which i obviously cannot answer..i'm still dumb u see..and that infuriates me :D

@Amrit,yeah yeah..u gimme a food which i obviously cannot eat :D :P

Gayathri said...

@Joe,yeah man..no more of that 'athenda','athevidunna' type questions..they know kinda everything..eating sleeping n shitting online..pinnendu cheyyana.. :D

@Aleem thanks :)..and welcome to my ville :D

Gayathri said...

@Dhanya,lol..yeah i agree too..

@Sandy,yeah i know..but i sometimes feel i miss his innocence :(

Gayathri said...

@Thousif,yeah born with a distorted brain :D..
well,im fine..rocking in an atmosphere of pandemic :D