But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Looks can be deceptive,but most are happily gullible..

Men are the most aesthetic beings if you ask me..unlike how the widely accepted notion is..
The ones who truly abide by the theory," Pay attention only to the form; emotion will come spontaneously to inhabit it. A perfect dwelling always find an inhabitant."

So the girls around have two options,
Either trust your looks,(
you can rely on a boy anytime,if you have a promising guise..it doesn't matter even if you are a bitch!)
Or rely on your 'self'..

PS:'If it's the visual stimulus that excites a man,it's the actions of care and concern that arouses a woman!'-Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

PPS:You would have seen Cheeto still sharing a friendliness with Arshi if she were the one cheating on him,unlike how she reacted..there wouldn't have been any emotional explosions and detonations,may be a 'Lets be friends' tag..- You are here

PPPS:I don't believe in this 'Love at first sight' stuff.. Neither does the 'Love just happens' appeal to me..

Khuda Hafiz


AnjuGandhi said...

feelings that grows over a period of time after spending quality time with each other is long lasting and can be termed as Love. Love at first sight or Love just happened is nothing but pure physical attraction and lust

ZiLliOnBiG said...

yes, i agree, we men are the most aesthetic beings. but depends on your notion of aesthetics. if you ask a zookeeper, he would say how beautiful a baboon is.so its subjective.

i havent read the book (men from mars and women from Jupiter, err Venus) but i agree, "its actions of care and concern that arouses a woman, of course apart from being good looking.( i know women, you should see how some of them they gape at men)

and hey, how was the book, you are here? ( meenaxi reddy madhavan, right?)

Theres nothing called love at first sight between a man and a woman,(romantically of course) but there is indeed "love at first sight".like, I fell in love with my doberman, the first time i saw it.....

i was wondering whats wrong with me. i have become overly satirical of late. apologies.C heers

Gayathri said...

@Anju,exactly what my point is as well..how could it just happen?the compatibility hones after long worthy conversations and understanding..

@Zillionbig,that's way too diplomatic an answer..girls may gape but not more..when it comes to affairs,girls get attracted to the truthful caring guys..they dont get carried away just by looks..
loved the way u put the love at first sight stuff..you are improving in satires.. :)

you are here,huh!! the language is good..easy flow and beautiful presentation..but i didnt like the contents..all she has to say is abt parties,dating,fag,booze,going out and making out..won't ppl get fed up after a couple of days of partying?

Aw.S.M said...

Oye love does take time to form but sometimes it "just happens"..:)

And sorry to say but i guess you are right. The form more often than not is enough for us. :). We run on testosterone..u dont need a book to tell you that. All you had to do was ask me.:)


Vyazz said...

hmm....well there have been times when I liked a girl for no rhyme or reason.....so I dunno whether you may call it love at first sight, though the feelings faded away later.
Nevertheless the one thing that I really like about girls, is the way they care 4 u and the way they fuss over you. Its really touching. And 4 me atleast they happen to be really great listeners....always ready to listen to all my rants and stuff.
Guess to each of his own....

Thousif Raza M.B said...

ABt the PPPS, you will know for urself when it happens to you, when you will accept the 2nd fact, i will be the one talking more than you, and i too dont belive in love at 1st sight, its Totally lame

what you said is true, but in men too there are many who dont care abt looks, For me its the care, the concen, and the heart that counts, anytime anyday

Nice one again :)

and why are you still not sleeping? 12.30 in the mrng on you computer screen, should i tell your mom hmmm, and where are you?, there's No comment in my blog, hmph, visit sooooon

take care and keep writing.....

Balaji said...

Controversial, yet so sweet... was nice reading it.

Anonymous said...

this is the only never ending debate on earth, in the history of mankind! the last time I spoke about this, the consequences weren't all that great.. I better remain silent this time.. :P

and sorry Gayathri, I haven't been regular at all, I'm in the middle of my exams now and the excitement as my date of return back to India is much closer! all this has been keeping me pre-occupied!
and..are you on Twitter? we guys normally get notifications there everytime some1 comes up with a new post..
if you are on Twitter, just click on the 'Follow me' button on my page above the calendar on the right n it'll take u to my profile.

ANAND said...

Love is a term which cannot be totally understood by man...but he will give his life for it....

Gayathri said...

@Amith,thats what i told..it's k that love happens without a reason,but not instantly as a transient signal..
and yeah i know u guys run on testosterone,judge a book by it's cover to later whine with 'no girls no tension' t-shirt captions.. :P

@Vyazz,it's not the kind of attraction that im speaking of yaar..you get charmed by someone,and when u decide to judge her by her looks,it's just the hereditary genes thats being judged and not the real her..

Gayathri said...

@Thousif,may be there are ppl who dont give a damn abt looks,..but they amount to just 5% or less..
and abt PPPS,lets see..
and i'm kinda nocturnal yaar,..so let alone 12.30,you might see me wide awake even at some 3am..

@Balaji,Thanks :),..for dropping by as well.. hope it wouldnt be the last time u r seen here..

Gayathri said...

@Varun,it would ve been a lot better if u left your comment,.i love arguing..lol..

@Anand,huh,evanescent feelings are not worth giving up the life for..i'm not generalizing love..but lust and perversion that's misunderstood as love..

Anonymous said...

Ur comment made me visit ur blog n Your latest post pushed me to read this one :)
M jus attracted by these lines.,
"I don't believe in this 'Love at first sight' stuff.. Neither does the 'Love just happens' appeal to me.."
Itz unquestionably true..!

N it's absolutely real dat a true lovin gal anticipates care & concern alone..Worthy post yaar..