But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Thursday, July 16, 2009


You spoke a lot on me,based on my horoscope.How do you scientifically ratify all those statements and revelations?May be all you told were true in my case.But how does that happen?There is no experimental proof nor do we know the reason why a person born on a particular day behave in a peculiar way,which cannot be quite quintessential?

Astrology is a science.Do you ask for a scientific reasoning for a science?What's the scientific ratification for the laws in physics?They are simply the laws,the unquestionably established ones.

There are two kinds of sciences-tangible and intangible ones.

Physics is tangible.When you demonstrate Newton's laws,you can 'see' what is really happening.

In chemistry,you have physical as well as chemical studies.You learn about the various physical interactions between electrons and protons,using an electron-microscope.But we perceive the reaction between O2 and H2 to 'create' water.Water is tangible or visible.But the presence of O2 and H2 is 'felt'.

So is astrology.It's linked closely to astronomy which deals with the visibility of stars and planetary motion.Astrology deals with the ramifications of the particular position of the celestial bodies during one's birth.It's to be felt,just like you feel God.You don't see Him,but feel.
When you first start believing in The Providence,you feel His divine power.

In Gita,there's this classification on people as,Satwika,Rajassi,and Thamassi,based on the way of living.The excellently pious,honest and sincere Satwika,the not-so-good but not-bad Rajassi and the incorrigibly bad Thamassi.In every person there's this goodness and evilness residing,in either of those patent or latent stage,based on which you tag the man to be good or bad.How do you decide whether a man is good?From his words,from the behaviour,and the actions.You percieve that.Not necessarily see.So believe that there's this intangible goodness and evil on the earth.Without the evil,the integrity loses prominence.Accept that there are stuffs beyond our understanding.

Astrology requires that divine blessing.Not everyone can be a good astrologer.You need good intuitive power.Sometimes you feel your intuition serves right.But once you realize that it's the presence of the divinity inside you which gives you that far sight,your ego and pride sheds away and give way to a better understanding of the intricately weaved complexities of nature.

First start believing strongly in God,then have faith in the science abidingly.Attune yourself to it.If you ask me who's the master of Astro,its none but Him,who blessed the eminent seers,the sages,with the deep knowledge or gyana.

So what's this horoscope match about?I find people increasingly showing their backs to horoscopy these days.So whats the upper hand in the discourse on whether marriage is made on earth or in heaven?

Every horoscope is based on the motion of Sun and Jupiter.And written according to ganitha-shastram or vakya-shastram.. So an astrologer,first decides if a horoscope is valid or not, based on some yardsticks.Every horoscope has a rashi,or say a house.And how we arrive at a match is based on the compatibility between the houses and house owners,i.e rashi porutham and rashi adhipa-porutham.. We might even consult more than one astrologer dubious on the credentials resulting in contradictory verdicts leaving you baffled. When you bend the judgements for your favour with a compromising match,life becomes disastrous. Astro still holds good,it's the manipulations and misinterpretations that led you wrong.

PS:The interlocutor is a very reverential person,with immense knowledge on anything n everything ranging from music and astro to management and science,who happened to be the relative of this poor ignorant soul.I couldn't articulate stuffs half as good as he told,though i settled with an abstract.

PPS:The post has a lot of garbage,to fill the space,according to a friend..i would request the honorable souls reading the post to activate their filters :)

Khuda Hafiz


Amrit said...

Whoa!!! What an amazing way to connect God with science!!!

And you wrote it beautifully.I mean words dance for you..right!! :)

Amrit said...

"But we perceive the reaction between O2 and H2 to 'create' water.Water is tangible or visible.But the presence of O2 and H2 is 'felt'. "

This one is really good. Really thoughtful

ZiLliOnBiG said...

So moral of the story is; Gay3 is getting married.wedding bells are in the air.!!!!! Think again, do you really want to get married? If i had another go, i wouldnt marry. i would remain an eternal bachelor. No strings attached. Just kidding, married life is very different and GREAT. I would any day vouch for it, though i advocate bachelorhood to most people.

Nothing wrong in being conventional and going for horoscope. If superstitions can get you peace of mind, why not?

I join my wife to all temples and behave as if i am the biggest devout, just for her sake. Though i am a complete atheist.

Thanks to letting me know, i am a Satwika. And i wasnt aware of it, until i read this post of urs. thanks for this.


Anonymous said...

Well, didn't get to know a thing.
But yes, horoscopes are something that people always people see before getting children married. Dunno about people in other castes, but its TOO much in we people.
I tell you, read horoscope section of Shrutivaani, its gonna be whole lotsa fun to see some expectations. I used to do that, I'm bored now :-(

Durga Nandan said...

I was looking for this 'logic' for a long time. Since I didnt get convincing 'explanations' I was still searching. This explains a bit.
Hmm. Thanks for sharing.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

nicely written and amazingly explained i loved the way you did that, one more unexplained phenomena explained by the scientist ;)

take care and keep writing.......

Ninoy said...

:| Dunno...

To me it seems, if astrology is to make sense, all the kids born in Alleppy Medical College at 4:15 PM on October 20 1987 should end up exactly like I do ...
Covers (Space, Time). Any other variables I missed?

~ manish ~ said...

The fact that u "feel" god is jus psychological. But the oxygen and hydrogen can be measured and not just felt.

And science has proof for all its laws. They weren't made up from nowhere. But the so called religious people have the option of taking refuge in "god made it so" whenever they are at a standstill in answering a question on religion.

I'm proud in being an atheist. I don't have the make the "g" capital in god or "a" capital in atheist.

Srivatsan said...

Astrology can be broken down in a single statement:
*astrology is geo-centric.
The old people assumed that all the rest of universe revolves around the earth.It is not wrong with their part,cos even as kids,we all would have thought like that unless somebody tells us the truth.
light has no effect on people's behavior.im not talking about shining torch before one's eyes!
You can plot your own raasi kattam using stellarium.google the word and download it.its not astrology software :P.
Regarding the fact that they predict your future is like predicting rain by seeing black clouds.Usually,people approach them in need,they brief those needs and any guy with good foresight can predict their future!!
Im sorry if you believe in astrology!Just wanted to say to people that it was a method of tracking stars,yet a failure!

Anonymous said...

Screw the astrologers, find your man and get married.

Gayathri said...

@Amrit,thanks :)..but you would get another kick for your flattery :P

@ZB,no no no..i aint gonna get married for the next 2-3 yrs,and thats the moral of the story..my dad consulted the person to see if he could get rid of me soon..but thanks to the Gods,i was granted 2-3 more of my precious years..

Gayathri said...

@Ramya,he he..when i was of ur age,that was one of my pass-time too..to scan all those matri section of shrutivani..to know how all those old men of 32 n 35 advertise themselves with high expectations..

@Joe,my pleasure :)

Gayathri said...

@Thousif,yea yeah..explained by the scientist.. btw,was that me that u meant by the 'scientist'?? whoaaa!! :P

@Ninoy,they say,the exact position does matter..and it is the approximations in the place that makes the effects of a particular horoscope less visible or less correlated to someone's life..
I'm not good at it either :)

Gayathri said...

@Manish,No Comments..
There's no point in talking to atheists,coz ur mindset is soo opposed to existence of God that you would be repulsive to even ratifying statements.. so stay staunch in ur belief..

@Srivatsan,have you ever been to a good astrologer? Try that once for a diff experience that ranting pointlessly..

@Surya,omg,i'm not talking with the wedding bells ringing..what makes you guys have that kind of a feeling!!
anyway,thanks for dropping by :)

Amrit said...

Ab maine kya kiya!!!! Sach blone ka jamaana hi nahin raha :) :)

Amrit said...

By the way...tag is still pending :)

~ manish ~ said...

really pathetic argument!!! R u doing something different other than bracing ur beliefs n seeking the truth?

workhard said...

You have given a wonderful description on astrology.. Im one of those kinds who barely believe in Horoscopes. Nonetheless.. ur article is pretty convincing.. and writtin in a very interesting manner

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