But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Friday, July 17, 2009


I grew up in her music..
Hailing the DKP-DKJ duo..
Admiring the MLV-MSS-DKP women trinity..
Listening to her mellifluous songs..
She created history,being the first woman,who otherwise were forbade from giving a public concert..
She melted away the hurdles of being a Brahmin,who was not supposed to be trained in a gurukula..
She proved herself invincible in ragam-thanam-pallavi which was earlier men's forte,if not their bastion..
The prodigy in her,who was blessed profoundly by Him was too overwhelming to be suppressed..
The elegance in her delivery along with the unique timbre,and clear diction,surged her way into an irreplaceably prominent role in the world of Carnatic Music..It was owing to that singularity that Pkd Mani Iyer,who outrightly rejected accompanying a female on stage,was ready to play for her..
She bids adieu as a trailblazer,with her descendants taking up her path..
At this moment,i pay my tribute to the great soul..
May her soul Rest In Peace..

Khuda Hafiz


hary!! said...

perfect tribute to a legend! RIP !

Thousif Raza M.B said...

great tribute and great words yaar, i have not listened to her music much, but i have heard abt her a lot, she is a motivation for all the people who want to get out of the boundaries created, but cant...

take care and keep writing.......

LAN said...

I still hear the song "Thiratha vilayathu pillai kannan" buzzing in my ears sung by her. That song will stay in my mind for decades to come!! Her grand daughter Nityashree is carrying her torch now but DKP is DKP :) :) nice write up!!

A. K. said...

This is a great tribute.. So sorry that i have never head of her. Happy weekends

Aparna said...

I havent really heard much of Carnatic music but your tribute moved me.
I was a student of Hindustani classical but the Carnatic nuances are a bit different.
It is always sad to lose such eminent personalities. Incidentally this is the first post I have come across mourning her loss.
When MJ died, the whole world was blogging.Ironic.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

I understand when you say you grew up on her music. I am a big fan of carnatic music and I have a collection of CDs.I especially like the keertanams, and that of Tyagaraja, swatitirunal, muthuswami dikshitar and chembai. Enteru mahanu… has the power to transform one into another world.
I used to go to Guruvayoor, just to listen to kacheris on the auditorium. Carnatic music makes me experience the tangibility of divinity. I experience divinity when I listen to keertanams. She will be missed, but her music legacy would continue to live.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

i guess you wrote this in a hurry, a bit of typos here and there, otherwise a nice post. :))

Aw.S.M said...

I m sorry but i ve never heard of her but the tribute as such was brilliant...if u could suggest a few of ur fav nos of hers i d def give it a listen being the music fanatic that i am..


Nikki said...

A very nice tribute.

Srivatsan said...


Avanga ganeer voice,romba vithyasamanathu.Naalu room thalli irunthaalum,(tvla ,main ah podhigaila) avanga padinathu athe volumela namakku vanthu serum!

Sandy (chek my blog!) said...

A very nice tribute indeed! Makes me regret the fact that I haven't had the opportunity to experience her music yet.

Your regular posts are very interesting as well. I'm following your blog :)

Do stop by at The Village Idiot sometime : http://ntrg.blogspot.com/


Gayathri said...

@Hary,thanks dude :)


@LAN,and all those bharathiyar songs..nithyashree is also flaring well..

Gayathri said...

@AK,thanks :)

@Aparna,it is sad,but so very true that carnatic music fails in terms of popularity when considered with western..
Thanks for dropping by :)

Gayathri said...

@ZB,yeah even the rhythms have that powerful ability to arouse the divinity thats dormant in us..
and yeah,quite in a haste :D..

@Amith,thanks man,.and yeah as LAN says,thiratha vilayattu pillai or vande maatharam would be the best for a starter..

Gayathri said...

@Nikki,thanks :)
And thanks for dropping by :)

@Srivatsan,yeah,vityasamanathum gambheeramanathum thaan..and clarity in diction is not something that all have..
Thanks for dropping by :)

Gayathri said...

@Sandy,thanks buddy :)..and you still have chances to listen to her songs..she's immortal through her songs..
Thanks for dropping by :)

LAN said...

Nityashree is my favorite, recently not that recent; she had been to mumbai in a concert for 2 hours!! I was there and got her autograph, she is very cute!! :) I posted a blog on it, check this link :)

workhard said...

Nice of you pay a tribute..May her soul RIP!!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!