But, is it nothing to know when you are dying, when you are about to take leave of this world, of its joys and sorrows, when the past of your life is unfurled before you, when eternity opens wide its portals, is it nothing to know at that last awful,supreme moment of your lives, that you have not lived in vain, that you have lived for the benefit of others, that you have lived to help in the cause of your country's regeneration?

-Surendranath Banerjea

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was desperately thinking of what to post. A week after 'The Comeback' post, i was still stuck in the red ribbons of a real come back, for, i found the grey cells sucked dry to deliver anything readable at all. I typed a long political post, wherein i was bitching about the shitty condition we were in. With Andimuthu Raja and Ashok Chavan and Yeddyurappa and Kalmadi and the many other s.o.bs taking us on a ride.With so much fodder to chew,it shouldnt have been difficult to spit at least a paragraph. But i found it disgusting. Later I started a long diatribe on how i ended up being anti-congress with its agenda of dynastic succession from Nehru to Indira to Rajiv to Sonia to Rahul. Of how once again,the agenda seemed flawed with the king-in-making hand-picking the most efficient of all of his ministers,Ashok Chavan,Shashi Tharoor and Omar Abdullah.That post appeared trash too. Exhausted with all my failed attempts, i was like a couple who had to drop off without reaching orgasm. I was desperate to spot a write-able topic.I even thought of putting up a lot of thoughts.The passing clouds.

And then,one day, my dear dad wakes me up to say-"Your language is bad. You play with words. You concentrate on conveying message. But not on the structure of the sentences. Not on the basic grammar. Hence you end up having literature and not language. Work on it." .
And I wonder-Do i have to write anything more at all ;)!!
The best critic and critique ever!!

Khuda Hafiz


Vyazz said...

I have made numerous "come backs" over the days, only to disappear for month on end.
I guess its all a phase. It'll strike you when you are least aware.
But try to not make a conscious effort. The more you try, the worse it'll get. Talking from personal experience.
There will be a time,when you will have the irresistible passion to jump to your keyboard and come up with a wonderful post.
But good to hear from u as always!!! :))

ZB said...

See, i strongly believe that there is no such thing as a perfect grammar.So many people have told me that all my sentences are grammatically wrong! but WTF!

I personally believe that a sentence can be written in n number of ways and its that personal touch which makes a writing interesting to read....if everyone were to write with 'picture perfect grammar' all sentences would look the same....to strong adherence to grammar always limits the prose.Keep writing......:)

Aw.S.M said...

Correct me if I m wrong, but isnt writing about expressing our views or feelings? In an ideal world grammer and correctness of formation comes into it but I know I would always read a blog that had passion and substance.

You are fine on both counts :D . Welcome back.